Since July 2015, the Foundation’s trustees have partnered with Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS) to manage its investment portfolio.  Christian Brothers’ investment approach allows the Foundation to invest your contributions in a way that “provides sound financial returns while remaining faithful to the ethical and social teachings of the Catholic Church.”

Using socially responsible investment guidelines of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops as a basis, CBIS screens out companies whose policies conflict with the Church’s moral teachings.  Once CBIS has created the final portfolio, it actively promotes Catholic values through shareholder resolutions, corporate dialogue and proxy voting. Click on the CBIS logo above to learn more about their “Catholic Responsible Investing” approach.

Read the complete set of US Bishops guidelines here.

Our commitment to faith-based investment practices is another reason why the Independent Catholic Foundation has become the preferred administrator of many parishioners’ legacies within the diocese.

Endowment Activity Example
This example shows growth and distribution of a permanent endowment created with the Independent Catholic Foundation in 2008. In just ten years, the initial $10,000 principal would have grown 12% to $12,618 while cumulative distributions of $4,313 (or 43% of the original principal) would have benefited the donor’s restricted cause(s).