Give Now. Support the Church Forever.

Once you decide to support a Catholic cause through the Independent Catholic Foundation, please consider the means through which you make your gift to achieve maximum benefit. Contributions to our endowments become part of the principal which will never be spent but will be invested in perpetuity. A portion of the earnings will be made available every year for the charitable purpose defined by each endowment.  Your gift will support that purpose forever.

Please call us at (814) 201-2080 with your questions. If we miss your call, please leave a message and we will respond.

Existing Endowments
You can designate contributions of any amount at any time to our existing endowments shown on our Permanent Endowments webpage

New Endowments
Individuals or families can memorialize loved ones with a new permanent endowment with a minimum of $10,000 payable over three years.  Parish and other Catholic institutions can establish a new endowment with as little as $500.  Our minimum to create a Donor-Advised Fund is $25,000.  You may preview a sample endowment agreement and a new endowment worksheet by visiting our Permanent Endowments page.


Cash (Checks) – The easiest method to give is by personal check payable to the “Independent Catholic Foundation,” 3618 Fifth Avenue Suite 1, Altoona, PA 16602.  Please print the Mail-In Donation Form below. For your protection, please mail checks not currency.

Credit/Debit Card – Our new online endowment catalog presents each endowment with a short narrative of its purpose. Just click Donate Online to browse or donate to one of more of your cherished causes.

Appreciated Securities such as stocks or mutual funds can be made using the “Donating Securities” instructions shown below.

Retirement IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions are tax-free distributions directly from a traditional or Roth IRA account (other than a SEP or Simple IRA) to a nonprofit organization (such as the Foundation, your parish, etc.). QCDs may be made if you have already celebrated your 70-1/2 birthday. Such distributions count toward your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD). Additional information is available in IRS Publication 590-B. Please download our “Donating from IRAs” document below, then consult your professional advisor to determine your situation.

Beneficiary Designations from Savings Accounts, IRAs, Donor-Advised Funds, Life Insurance Policies, and Brokerage Accounts to the Independent Catholic Foundation (FEIN 25-1625390) can be directed into one or more endowments of your choice provided we are informed in advance. 

To explore how you can plan your Catholic legacy gift through a Last Will, charitable trust ​or other means, please visit our Legacy Giving pages.