Our Board of Trustees approved a record $1.65 million release to endowment beneficiary parishes, schools, ministries, cemeteries and other Catholic causes for the 2022-23 fiscal year that begins this month.

Our five-year spending policy formula smooths the quarterly increases and decreases in our portfolio’s market value. With 20 data points, our formula allows us to preserve endowment principal while releasing as much income as possible to our beneficiaries.

Permanent Endowments are essentially long-term savings accounts that can never be spent. Unlike a typical savings account that produces minimal returns in exchange for complete access of all available funds, a Permanent Endowment produces maximum returns in exchange for no access to its principal.

The endowment income we make available to local parishes, schools, ministries and cemeteries helps supplement current sources of income (offertory, special collections, annual campaigns, etc.) A written endowment agreement ensures that each annual distribution honors the original donor’s intentions. We continue to assist local Catholic causes establish endowments to strengthen their financial viability, and we encourage the faithful with adequate resources to partner with us in our efforts.

An endowment under our care can be created with $10,000 or more from an existing donor-advised fund or appreciated assets such as stocks, mutual funds, insurance beneficiary designations, legacy gifts in a last will or trust, etc.