ICF CEO Chris Ringkamp joined the Faithful at all four Sunday Masses on the weekend of August 13 & 14 to celebrate three new endowment funds. ICF is now the steward of six endowments for the benefit of this Somerset County Faith Community. Each endowment produces income annually with spending restrictions defined by each fund’s original agreement.

St. Peter Parish Endowment Fund (1995)
Provides for the religious, educational, and charitable needs of the Parish.

St. Peter Parish Education Endowment Fund (1995)
Provides for the general educational programs and other needs of the School.

St. Michael Cemetery Perpetual Care Endowment Fund (1995)
Provides for the preservation, care and embellishment in perpetuity of St. Michael Cemetery, Listie, PA.

Anne & Nathaniel Barbera Endowment for St. Peter School (2021)
Provides for financial assistance of students (90%) and general needs of the School (10%).

Kenneth & Rita Halverson Family Endowment Fund (2021)
Provides for the general needs of the Parish and the School. Annual distributions are divided equally between them.

Msgr. Samuel Tomaselli & Rev. Daniel O’Neill Endowment Fund (2021)
Provides salary support to the staff of the School and school-related staff of the Parish.

Gifts marking special occasions in honor or memory of a loved one may be made at any time in any amount. Checks payable to “Independent Catholic Foundation” may be mailed to ICF, 3618 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1, Altoona, PA 16602. Please include a notation with the designated endowment fund.