Give Now

Once you decide to support a Catholic cause through the Independent Catholic Foundation, please consider the means through which you make your gift to achieve maximum benefit.

Existing Endowments
You can designate contributions of any amount at any time to our existing endowments shown on our Permanent Endowments webpage.

New Endowments
Individuals or families can memorialize loved ones with a new permanent endowment with a minimum of $10,000 payable over three years.  Parish and other Catholic institutions can establish a new endowment with as little as $500.  Our minimum to create a Donor-Advised Fund is $25,000.

Cash – The easiest method to give is by personal check payable to the “Independent Catholic Foundation,” 3618 Fifth Avenue Suite 1, Altoona, PA 16602.  To make an electronic gift using our Donate button in the upper right-hand corner of this page, just use the free-form comment box to explain how we should distribute your gift among one or more existing endowments.

Alternative contribution sources include appreciated stocks, bonds and mutual funds, Individual Retirement Account (IRA) qualified charitable distributions, and many more. To donate securities, please download our “ICF Securities Gift Instructions” document and share it with your broker.

To explore how you can plan your Catholic legacy gift through a Last Will, charitable trust ​or other means, please visit our Give Later pages.